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I said it would be worth it

Ok, so the clock is like 07:26 and I’ve gotten absolutely NO sleep tonight. I’ve been awake thinking about the future (as usual). What I want, what’s my next step, what can I do to improve, how do I keep myself motivated every day etc. The list is endless.

I always start to overthink my life and my decisions for a while after I’ve decided to try something new. It’s like I’m scared of putting myself out there.. Like I’m afraid of actually making some progress in my life.

The decision that has gotten my head to explode this time, is that I have (finally) signed up for an author study. I really want to continue to evolve my writing skills, so that I might one day actually have the guts to send my manuscript to a publisher. I’ve always had the need to have more creative projects running simultaneously. I love blogging, I love drawing and designing prints, while I also really love to write. That is probably my number one passion.

It just gets more and more common to have creative professions nowadays. It’s not as unknown and uncertain as people thought it was before. The fact that people are now more positive and encouraging gives me more courage to pursue what I want, and for the first time in my life I feel very confident that I can reach my goals. It’s an incredibly wonderful experience to feel this way and I hope that there are many other people out there, who are also following their hearts. Rememeber to enjoy your work and the difficult way up towards success. Trust that it will be worth it in the end.

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  • Reply gizmus / julie 24. november 2013 at 12:33

    stå på! Jeg studerer fotografi, og vil veldig gjerne bli fotograf, samtidig er jeg livredd for å fortsette studiet neste år, for sjansene for å lykkes er så små.. men det er dette jeg elsker å gjøre

    • Reply Reidun Beate 24. november 2013 at 14:57

      Da bør du satse hundre prosent Julie! Gjør det DU har lyst til! Selv om sjansene er minimale, så er det jo fortsatt en sjanse for at du faktisk lykkes. Den muligheten kan du ikke la gå fra deg! :-) Klem!!

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