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5 lessons I’ve learned since becoming a designer


1. People can get jealous and mean.
Despite that most people like the products I design, there are also so-called «haters» that only gives negative feedback. These people will never like anything you create and they love to inform you about it again and again and again and again.. The ironic thing is that these «haters» are actually jealous of you and wish they could have your job.

Why they behave so nasty, I do not know, but it’s important that you do not take it personally. Remember that you are not the problem, they are! Constructive criticism is worth gold, but do not let anyone treat you like a doormat.

2. Copycats exist.
Although I have only worked as a designer for about a year, I have already experienced being copied by others. Luckily, I have not had the need to report these incidents, but it has been difficult to get in touch with some of the copcycats. After I got in touch with them, they all apologized and removed the product(s) they had copied. If they had not agreed to do this, the law would have been on my side and I could have contacted the police. Copying is illegal!

It’s important to learn and understand the difference between «real» copying and «allowed» copying. For example, if you get inspired by someones print, then you are not allowed to create one exaclty the same, but you are free to design your own unique version of the same quote.

3. You will experience rejection.
As a designer it is quite normal to experience being rejected by social media, customers and potential partners. In these situations it’s important to know when the «battle» is lost and when you should try a little harder. A no can quickly become a yes if you manage to sell your product in a nice and convincing manner.

Don’t get sad if you’re experiencing more negative respons in the beginning. It’s not the end of the world! Look on the bright side – You will be better prepared for situations like this in the future. Learn from it!

4. It’s OK to say no!
A big newbie trap is saying yes to everything at once. This will almost always end in losing inspiration and being unable to get satisfied with your work. As a designer, it’s a necessity to always get to be proud of the final product.

It’s also okay to say no to requests that do not fit under your niche. Now you’ve figured out what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing, so why say yes to projects you don’t really want?

5. Good things take time.
Success does not come overnight – Hard work is required and you must never give up! If this is your dream, then all the sleepless nights, the negative feedback, tears, anger and despair will be worth it. Know in advance that this will take time and you have to work your ass off.

Success is waiting at the top of the mountain. You must climb high, long and through different weather, but it’s entirely up to you whether you let yourself fall or continue no matter what. Know in your heart that you will reach the top eventually.

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