I’m Reidun Beate Pande, mom, blogger, designer and buisness owner. In addition to my wonderful kids, my husband and building my own business, I love interior, books, design and social media, which are topics I write about on my blog. I started working from home builing my own business, and in just a few months I have already achieved so many great things. I am so excited to continue my journey towards success.

January 23th 2013 was the day I lost the love of my life to cancer. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to give birth to a wonderful daughter while my late husband was still alive. This way I will always have a part of him with me in her. She is my life and my world.

In 2016 I met Bjørnar, fell head over heels in love and married him after just 7 months. Insane I know, but it was true love! Now we live in a beautiful big, white house with our three beautiful children, William (step-son 6 years), Miley (6 years) and our baby boy, Julian (10 months). They are my motivation to live a happy, healthy and successful life!

You can get to know me even better by reading the blog and following me on Facebook (Live Your Life) and Instagram (@reidun_beate).

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