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When my daughter goes to bed, it’s usually Netflix that keeps me company for the rest of the evening. Don’t give me that look! I know I’m far from the only one who does the same and I’m not ashamed of it. The problem is that the selection is so incredibly huge, making it difficult to find the really good films and television series available.

I’m gonna make this much easier for you by now linking to 5 great TV shows.

First of all, you have to download Mediahint on your laoptop. It allows you to watch the american version of Netflix and it is so much better. Click on the pink links below to start watching.

The Killing (3 seasons)
This is the show I’m currently watching and I’m not really sure exactly how I feel about it yet, still I kepp watching. So it must be something about it that intrigues me. If you like mysterious crime dramas, then this is absolutely one series you can’t miss + watching handsome Joel Kinnaman isn’t so bad either, haha.

Gilmore Girls (7 seasons)
This is one of my all time favorites. I have the complete series on DVD and I think I probably have watched all seasons six or seven times. I love it! If you like family comedy/drama shows, then this one’s for you.

Grey’s Anatomy (11 seasons)
Am I the only one who hasnt’ seen the three latest seasons of Grey’s Anatomy? I have so much catching up to do. I like this hospital series so much. It’s got drama, romance, suspense and humor.

LOST (6 seasons)
This is a series I have a love/hate relationship with. In the beginning, I loved it and was so hooked, but after four seasons I completely lost interest because of frustration. I felt I was sitting with only more and more questions and got no answer. Now however it is much more motivating to see all seasons because I know the last season is also on Netflix and all my questions can be answered. This series is suitable for those who like mystery, suspense and the supernatural.

Dexter (8 seasons)
Hmm.. There’s something about Dexter that is so freakin’ great. It almost scares me a little that I like this show so much. I became addicted to this series the minute I started watching it. Dexter is intense, nasty, grotesque and chilling. What’s not to love, right? You have to watch it, all eight amazing seasons!

I hope you found something new to start binge-watching this weekend. Have fun!

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Netflix guide: Julefilmer

Noe av det jeg elsker absolutt mest med julen er alle de magiske filmene! Jeg har en liste over mine ultimate favoritter, men det hender faktisk av og til at jeg finner nye favoritter også. Jeg har gjort et stort søk på Netflix og funnet frem til 15 julefilmer du absolutt bør sjekke ut. De gir deg garantert god julestemning. Nye favoritter hos meg i år er blant annet «Snow» og «Christmas Cupid» (Hellooo Chad Micheal Murrey!)

(Om du har amerikanske netflix tilgjengelig, så kan du gå direkte til filmene nedenfor ved å følge linkene nedenfor.)


1. Anywhere But Home:, 2. Snowglobe:, 3. Christmas Cupid: , 4. A Christmas Kiss:, 5. Hjemme Alene 2


6. Hjemme Alene 3:, 7. All She Wants for Christmas:, 8. Love Actually:, 9. 12 Dates of Christmas:, 10. All I Want for Christmas:


11. Polarekspressen:, 12. The Santa Clause:, 13. Snow:, 14. A Holiday Engagement:, 15. Jack Frost:

Andre filmer jeg absolutt MÅ se hver jul er «The Holiday», «The Grinch», «The Family Stone», «3 nøtter til Askepott», «Reisen til Julestjernen», «Bad Santa» og «Mikkes jul».

Håper dere likte den (lille) listen min. Si gjerne i fra i kommentarfeltet om jeg har glemt av noen viktige som MÅ være med! ;-)

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Mademoiselle Populaire


I rarely write about movies on my blog. In the few cases I have done so, it has been about films that have impressed me and captivated me more than usual. «Mademoiselle Populaire» was one of those experiences for me and it threw me for a real surprise, because the movie is in french. Everyone who really knows me also know that I really dislice watching movies in anything other than in english. «Mademoiselle Populaire» might seem to have been made in the late 50’s, but it was actually produced just last year. This movie is something I’ve never seen before, but it also captivated me because of the complex love story as well. I’m such a fool for romance.

After watching this movie on the american version of Netflix, I have now gotten the taste for even more french movies. Next on my list is «Hearbreaker» which has the same male lead as in «Mademoiselle Populair», but who also features Vanessa Paradis. I hope it lives up to my big expectations.

I hope you liked this little recommendation. If you have some quiet alonetime tonight, then I really do hope you give this movie a chance. It’s both really adoreable and inspirational.