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If you liked my first article about good blog post ideas, I expect that you will enjoy part two as well.
Writers block is something every blogger experiences once in a while, me included, and I think it helps to keep a list for help when this happens.

Here are 25 more great blog post idèas for when you feel stuck:

* Make a collage of your interior wishlist atm.
* Write a travel guide about a city you’ve visited.
* 5 things you are currently dreaming of.
* A fun Halloween-DIY.
* Share your new workout list on Spotify.
* Show us pictures of your dreamhome.
* Tell us why you want to blog.
* Show us your hair routine.
* Share your favorite song + musicvideo.
* Things that make you happy atm.
* Write about what inspires you.
* Write a letter to your 16 year old self.
* Tell us about your biggest fears.
* Interview one of your favorite bloggers.
* Promote one of your favorite Etsy shops.
* Give us a tour of your house.
* Three best tips about blogging.
* Show and tell us about your interior/fashion style.
* Show some guts and tell us a secret.
* 3 things that have made you angry or annoyed this week/month.
* 5 lessons I’ve learned in my teens.
* Your weekly to-do list.
* List things you’ll never do again.
* Who people think you are VS who you really are.
* This time last year, what were you writing about?
* Write about fall season and share some pretty mood pictures.





As a blogger, I am sure I’m not the only one who always keep experiencing writer’s block. This most often happen when I really want to blog. But I also have moments where I get inspired and then I make sure to write down these good ideas as quickly as possible.

Now I’ll be super kind and share 25 of these blog post ideas with you. I really hope they will help you!

* Tell us something we do not already know about you.
* List your favorite users on instagram.
* Write a bucketlist.
* Show us where you blog from / office.
* Write a personal post about your feelings.
* Show us hour by hour what you do a whole day.
* Tell us your best study tips.
* Hold a blog contest.
* Your top five blogging tips.
* Top 5 favorite movies or tv-shows.
* Make a collage with great gift ideas.
* Show off your latest interior purchase.
* Share some quotes that mean something to you and tell us why.
* Show us your Spotify list.
* Fun tips for first time moms.
* Show us what apps you use on your phone.
* Write a list of great children’s games for ipad.
* Make an interior DIY.
* Share your favorite writing tips.
* Show us your current wishlist.
* Your best «how-to-spoil-your-boyfriend» tips.
* Inspire us with a mood board.
* Why you love being single.
* Tell us things about you in a list from A-Z.
* Or do like me and write a list of blog post ideas.

Now I hope you are well on your way to write your next blog post. Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments field below. :)

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Eventyrbryllupet i Praha


Den 29. juni i fjor var nesten hele slekten vår samlet i Praha for å feire bryllupet mellom storesøsteren min Gunn Randi og hennes mann Joakim. Det var uten tvil noe av det villeste jeg har vært med på. Både hotell og flybilletter var fikset for oss, så det eneste vi behøvde å gjøre var å møte opp. Så og si alle gjestene ble vel enige om at hele opplevelsen var som et fantastisk vakkert eventyr!

For en liten stund siden mottok jeg noen bilder fra bryllupet i posten og de valgte jeg å feste på veggen istedet for å gjemme de bort i en album. Det er jo umulig å ikke bli i godt humør når man ser på alle de smilendende og lykkelige bildene. Dette er definitivt min nye favorittvegg her hjemme nå!

Ønsker alle mine snille lesere en kjempegod helg! :-)